Sunday, 8 December 2013

Turkish Rug Adventure Design Idea

I know a5 is good for use at the table and a4 is good for images and certain kinds of information design and harder to flip through at the table.

Has anyone ever done a3 or a2 for use *as* the table, or at least laid over the table?

The adventure would be arranged in a kind of compass fashion and so that parts could a obscured and the whole thing not lost, like a naturalistic adventure

Depending on where people sat they would get an immediate access (a better view) of certain parts of it. (You might suggest that if people like playing a certain way they sit in certain place or compass point)

The thing could be a map, a literal battle map, or a number of them, to include specific densely arranged tactical challenges

It could also e an image, or a series of them, like a stained glass window and it could be a design, like a J.H. Williams page, like a mega-glyph or a Turkish rug, and so much info that no-one person could use it. you would need to have a group with everyone looking into different parts and thinking and acting together. 

The adventure would, could, be emergent from the people sitting down and the places they sit and how they react as they move through it

Data arrange in a kind of spiral, compass moving round

Sold as an artefact.

Maybe when something happens in the adventure the people playing have to move seats and re-integrate what they know and see in an interesting way?

Anyone ever done/seen this?


  1. Very interested to hear if anyone responds to this; I've been thinking a lot about the play surface/table being similar to a white board and acting as a massive character sheet and this seems to be a step beyond that. I purchased on of these (, but it wasn't big enough to really do what I wanted.

    1. Its a giant thing that could only be made by a large corporation and could be sold at an insane mark up so I'd be amazed if no-one has tried it

  2. That would simulate a situation where party members are physically far apart yet able to communicate with each other. Perhaps they are walkietalkie-having investigators or the members of a psychic family. However, if you desire a more normal use of the rugmap, you could start with it covered up by a cheap black sheet with a hole in it, and cut the hole bigger and bigger as the explorers explore.