Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Otherpool Session Five - Guns Are Magic

Present - Harry Flash (Lvl 1 Wizard) James Young, Dark Platypus and Carter, Rune Knight.

Godel moved through time and space by "The Scottish Man" inter dimensional Otherpool demigod who shifts people around, across genres and around their own time streams in order to produce ironic and post modern effects. Arrives a few hours before other self. Currently in Chester and also being chased through streets of Otherpool.)

(Nigel Reptile locked in sliver of time with demonic gun by The Scottish man until Zak turns up in future game.)


Goel immediately punches naked Scottish police captain and knocks him out. Summons 'Slemen' through Ghost Mark, Slemen confused as just about to meet him in Otherpool. Godel and harry hide in house while Carter Deals with police Sergent Willy Russel.

Sgt Russel is a good man
Carter travels with police to Darkplace Hospital

Meets Dr Rick Dagless (MD) and engages in seance. Little information received. Platypus and Wizard look for clues (rob the house of police captain, drink his booze, steal his clothes) and get cab to Liverpool. Platypus explains about heroism.

In Darkplace police still perma-baffled re Fucking Assassin Olympics going on out here. Fitz now trusts Carter as only competent super hero he's ever met.

Kurt Kanada, Science reporter, warned by Ray Charles (Craig's Dad) that more bad guys coming to clean house. Heroes hang around for a bit. Multiple assassins enter. Heroes decide to follow.

Big fight with Hipster/Gangsters and Posh Punisher

very heavily armed

murdering fucks with shuriken weapons
 Our heroes fail to save life of large number of police officers or unconscious phasing assassin but do safe police captain and a hot girl. Multiple people shot by glue guns. Wizards casts 'enlarge' and hides behind desk with borrowed pistol he thinks is magic wand shouting "I can do magic!". Platypus used body of woman as shield and goads Hipsters into shooting her by mocking their favourite Indy bands (poor roll by DM plus no knowledge of modern bands). Gunplay, murder. Heroes prevail and bad guys flee or captured.

Sgt Russel arrives, knows where thugs are, too scared to take them on alone. Drives group to lair. Platypus senses energy inside...

"Dark Energy"

(The play on production her is Gustav Schieders 'Cyberpool Trilogy' Actually based on events of previous game group in Cyberpool, other alternate liverpool.)

bad connection, tiredness and dry mouth end play.)


  1. Is any part of this inspired or informed by Michael Moorcock's Jerry Cornelius stories? If none, it's eerie. Jerry could be a character in this game.

    1. I don't remember ever reading them, though I may have long ago (I forget a lot). I have read Kim Newmans Anno Dracula stories, which are a bit similar.

      It was meant to be geuninrly wierd quasi john harrison superheroes but turned pretty quickly into the usual borderline-slapstick madness

  2. What I said a few posts earlier! It has to be true (even if Patrick doesn't know it).