Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Otherpool Session Two - Big In Israel

(Ignore if not into AP reports.)

Whole opening battle takes place across only one axis of movement, like a graph.

Sgt Shoxx persistently fails to shock any Thugs, does give one an afro. Thug claims he likes the stimulation and threatens to take Sgt Shoxx home, tie him up in the basement and use him as a massage machine.

Dark Platypus drives truck through crowd of thugs. Craig Charles tears his way into the cab and sets his dog 'Squig' on Dark Playtpus while strangling him with a power claw.

Nigel Reptile intervenes, leaps into truck, Sgt Shoxx (still on one axis of movement) levitates down and shocks Craig Charles from behind as he leans into cab of moving truck. Bullseye result means embarrassed DM must concede that Craig Charles electrocuted right in the Sphincter. Voids bowels. Turns to fight a surprised Nigel Reptile.

Nigel Reptile brilliantly spots dangerous point of dimension gate device inside truck. Lures shitstained Craig Charles into striking it.

Craig Charles electrocuted as truck crashes into this building.

Nigel Reptile vaults to safety. Team escape into building as police arrive.

First PC dialogue of game happens

Nigel Reptile - "Who are you guys and what are we doing?"

Team retreats to the Dark Loop hideaway. Nigel Reptile improves supercomputer 'Knuth', now amazingly intelligent. Possibly disloyal. Cameras now routed through Glass eyes of stuffed Moa bird. Tells them multiple assassins now inbound for Otherpool.

"You will address the computer through me"
Nigel has brilliant idea to turn on television. Chaos in Toxteth.

Nigel Reptile genuinely thrilled by small scale of British cities, battle is just over the road.

Heroes duel cybernetic monster Von Krupp, Nigel steals monocle, Dark Platypus tears at armour with occultum claws, Sgt Shoxx, shocks. Various incapacitation's. Dark Platypus fugues and wakes up in wolverine daze realising he has stabbed violent German cyborg to death outside a synagogue during a riot. Saves Toxteth. Now popular with criminals, scallies and Jews. No karma though.

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