Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Otherpool Session One. Sgt Shocks and Dark Platypus

AP's are usually boring for people who weren't there. This is here as record keeping.

Nathan: Sargent Shocks. Clumsy electrical mutant. Blue Sgt Pepper uniform with silver lightning stripes. Highly intuitive. Probably why he left the army. Real name Josiah Smith, substitute teacher.

David : Gödel. Strong, stupid failed scientist. Swims, fights, claws of occultum. Detects energy with his nose. Wears a hood/mask, ‘alien like’ armour and a cloak. Can’t help but think of him as ‘Dark Platypus’.

 Real name Kurt Kanada. Science reporter for city paper, the ‘Callisto’. Founded by William Roscoe. 
Substitute teacher and Science reporter at demonstration of new engine to provide free lighting for Otherpool. Intuitive sub senses danger. Gestures before children to divert explosive energy with powers. Science reporter sees this. Machine emits lightning and sparks. Reporter dives into action. Shuts down machine. Saves everyone. Teacher leaves, Reporter follows.

Teacher bribes kids with money and goes to change in toilet. Thoughtless reporter creeps outside toilet door.

Sgt Shocks (for it is he) blows every light on floor and challenges intruder, wreathed in electrical fire. A brawl begins. Some fighting, both evenly matched. Intuitive sergeant senses something awry. Both heroes. Brawl ends. Police arrive. Sgt levitates Dark Platypus (for it is he) out of building in front of mystified reporters and angry police. Dark Platypus runs for street grating, Sgt blows police radios to stop them calling for help and follows Platypus.

Dark Platypus leads to secret lair beneath Hoskinson Street. Called the ‘Dark Loop’. Successful resource rolls mean failed scientist has functional spectroscope, an AI from the 60’s that runs on magnetic tape, communicates in flashing light and is more intelligent than he is, called ‘Nuth’. (Reason 40). And a giant stuffed Moa, former pet of defeated supervillian.

Sgt Shocks called headmistress Clair Sweeny and explains knocked on head during demonstration enquires if children still alive. She understands and tells him yes.

Kurts editor and boss Ray Stubbs is convinced Dark Platypus up to something, tells Kurt to get ‘the skinny’ on the hero that he, in fact, is. So far so Marvel.

Both agree to return to lab next day.

Professor Rice and Captain Fitz tell them machine malfunctioned as Plasmic Coagulator missing. Could have strange uses. Possible use is opening decayed dimension gate. Captain tells high-intuition character that there are NO CLUES, NONE. Character accepts this and does not look over crime scene. First time in superhero history.

Both hatch different plots to uncover the thief.

Dark Platypus goes to dimension gate docks. Hangs around a bit in broad daylight. Calls computer on landline for help (no mobiles in this reality). Waits by phone. Swims for clues. Told by passing children not to stay around at night as Tokky gang often present. Computer calls back, tells him to check gates for recent repairs. Dark Platypus finds gate ‘Paul’ has such repairs and Plasmic Coagulator shaped hole in machine.

Sgt Shocks burns most remaining Karma shopping for useless trinkets. Attempts to trick vaguely-racist (dm’s fault) generic Asian street gang with his mutant powers. Goes horribly wrong. Blows every light in building. Activates all alarms. Stands wreathed in electrical fire. Gets shot. Escapes by threating woman’s life. Learns a bit more about the gates and that the Islanders ‘have big plans’. Runs to docks.

(Plasmic Converter can activate gate for one-way transport of something from any point in the galaxy. Will then burn out.)

Islanders now know Sgt Shocks civilian face and that he has energy powers that can defeat their guns. All advantages lost.

Dark Platypus uses terrible energy detection powers. Burns karma. Finds van.

Sgt Shocks and Dark Platypus advance on van from above. Leap to attack.

Dark Platypus duels tough thugs whist Sgt Shocks zaps them from back of van.

Three microtanks exit the van at speed. One carries Plasmic Coagulator. They race to the gates on the orders of Craig Charles.

Dark Platypus dives into van and goes after the tanks.

Sgt Shocks falls from van onto heap of enemies. Sees Craig Charles inside the van. Levitates to safety.

Dark Platypus successfully swipes lead microtank into the docks. Plasmic Coagulator disappears under water. Possible death of tank driver.

Exit in media res due to poor timekeeping of DM and minimal running time.

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