Monday, 25 November 2013

I am on one hit point right now

Ok, so we have not been mapping well enough in the Hex Kings palace. This means we cannot make sound choices.

last time this happened we ended up wandering round a wizards arcology for a month whilst missing a basic door because no-one had made a useful map. I am not going through that again.

So, this map is terrible. But it is a start.

My assumption is that other people who were there will each be able to remember some stuff. They can each copy the map, alter it, add to it. Or, more likely, make it part of a larger map with more stuff.

Every time the map is usefully updated or someone contacts me with useful information I will update and alter the image here. That way, anyone in the Flailsnails verse will be able to help/take advantage.

I made this in Paint becasue it is the simplest and everyone has it. It is not to scale and I expect it to be altered/shrunk whatever.

Apparently this is also a map of the Hex Kings Palace

We have ony been in the bottom right so far.

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