Thursday, 28 November 2013

Otherpool Session Three - 'The Smell of Science'

(It's just more AP.)

Sooo, superhero-turned-killer Dark Platypus escapes from riot. Runs past Liverpool Anglican cathedral

Becomes aware spirits of unquiet dead are somehow watching him.

not sure how he got that impression
Tries climbing building on Great George Street, nearly falls and is hanging from a broken window by one hand when police helicopter finds him.

Escapes police by fleeing into derelict building. Trapped in basement. Confronted by mysterious figure 'Slemen' Makes deal and is told that now he works for 'The Occult'

Transported through shadow dimension, throws up in mask and cries a bit. Slemen puts ghost mark on forehead and says will return to ask a favour.

Superhero asks Supercomputer to deduce source of gang war between Craig Charles and unknown opponent. Computer tells Superhero to ask Craig Charles since he is in custody and reminds him that his secret identity is a Reporter.

Monday morning

Kurt Kanada talks to his boss Ray Stubbs, gives explanation for lack of useful work as death of relative during riot. Makes "that face Walter White makes when he's had to liquefy someone, in the early seasons, not the late seasons."

Stubbs calls in Callisto crime reporter Alexi Sayle. Sayle unimpressed with Kanada.

"stay away from my story Kanada!"

Both go to interview Charles who tries to project an impression of "injured innocence combined with potential violence."

"So just like his real self then."

Charles discloses gang war is between Tokkys and Islanders. Not sure how it started but certain he will finish it.

When asked why Charles's dog 'Squig' is smelling him suspiciously, Kanada claims '"I'm a Science reporter, dog's smell science reporters. it's just the smell of science."

When asked what the 'smell of science actually is, Player replies

"In Otherpool, liquified corpses probably."

Now Canon.

Alexi Sayle drives off without Kanada, leaving him to walk back to the office. Kanada buys a ham sandwich on the way back so he can pretend he just went out for lunch and wasn't dumped by a colleague. Smart.

Will he wait to eat it till he gets in??? Or get hungry on the walk?!?!?!. Tune in next week!!!!

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