Wednesday, 8 February 2023

Cryjack, Rare Skeletons and a Request for Aid

 Hello everyone. Here are some updates and at the end a request for help.


'Noisms' is nearly at the end of the Yoon Suin 2 Kickstarter

He's been incredibly successful.. Much more than any of my Kickstarters.

 and I for one.

am thrilled by his success...

If you want to hear me an 'Noisms' ramble for an hour about Yoon-Suin, Games and Culture then you can so so here;


Do you like .... rare skeletons????

I am clearing out my cupboards and selling a bunch of stuff on eBay (UK only sorry), including some rare original C17 Skeletons from the depths of Games Workshop history.


We are working through the layout for my own (much less successful) kickstarter for 'Speak, False Machine'. The book is meant to have a central glossy colour photographic section with images used for reference in the chapter on minis.

Does anyone out there know where I might go to hire someone to help me source a bunch of copyright-free photographs of certain specific types of Warhammer minis in various situations?

I am aware of most of the Copyright free sites for images and they are ill provided with photos of the kinds I need. I could try sourcing individual photos from places like Instagram etc by contacting individual creators but that promises to be a long and frustrating process.

Here is an example spread of what I am talking about (from the test print not the new version);

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  1. For your photos of warhammer minis: My friend paints and photos a huge collection of miniatures to a dedicated facebook page. If there are enough there at you can use, I've discussed with him granting you permission for use for this project with attribution and no charge. If you're feeling generous you could a blog post highlighting some of his work and/or pass on some PDFs of your rpg books.