Monday, 11 April 2022

Interview with Noisms about "Hall of the Third Blue Wizard"


Matthew Adams left this comment on Facebook; "Ha, now I can tell mum and dad I am a genius!

But also, the look of concern on your face Patrick when you looked at the yoon suin art. Please forgive me! Though I admit I did laugh a little bit because I was expecting it. And you are not the only one to express concern or even dislike of my MS paint art.

David is mostly right about why I am doing a lot of my art in MS Paint and other old digital formats like PETScii. I enjoy working within the constraints those programs enforce, and there might be some nostalgia there as well. But there is also an element of burnout involved. A few years ago, just before the end of g+ really, the whole process of drawing on paper started to make me almost physically sick. I don't know why. Depression, anxiety, doubt, all played a part, and maybe something wasn't clicking creativity wise. But for quite a while the act of putting pen or pencil to paper was enough to make me vomit. Now I am doing more analogue drawing again, but it's usually within the constraint of designing rubber stamps."


  1. some of the links in the blogpost are broken

  2. Interesting interview. Also I've been following both your blogs for years and it's nice to put voices and faces to the two of you.