Thursday 19 March 2020

Ping Pong 9 - The King of Monstrous Deeds

Scrap has explained the nature of the Assuring Dog.

Certainly, you  did nothing wrong, or you did what anyone would do. And who can reasonably blame you for that?

And asked, for the Ninth Pong of the Ping, what is this?

James Pryde The Death Bed

So dies the King of Monstrous Deeds..

So dies the King of Monstrous Deeds,
so slinks the ghoulish porter to the glass,
crouched to leap upon a moon-beam,
and fly back to his moon-queen.
Who watches in the window, fanning her face with black clouds,
dotting stars into her sunless hair,
black, on the back of her shaved head,
musing on mortality on earth.
So kneels the Vampire daughter-wife,
Dowager Princess of Monstrous Deeds,
nibbling, licking, drinking deep,
from a wet wound on the Kings pale feet.
So perches the pet Peacock by the head,
cinerous confessor-bird of gloom,
final counsellor, fan spread and still,
speaking whispered secrets in his ear.
Those secrets only dying ears may hear,
when only ten breaths are left in the lung,
(five per valve, if two remain),
for to tell the tenth of them is twelve breaths work,
so the whole may never be known,
Except by the bird.
So expand the shadows, looming up,
gathered by the guard, the ceiling-beast,
standing on its tentacles of night,
growling round the mattress stuffed with virgins pubic hair,
gazing mutely stricken on its kings last gasp.
Queen kneeling/Daughter stealing,
peacock speaking secrets,
porter polishing glass and praising the Moon,
who tarries with a tide and turns away.
So dies the King of Monstrous Deeds.

Now Scrap,

Was ist das?

(It is a Might-of-been-kiln.)


  1. Utterly Spectacular! I'm loving these image ping pongs and I hope they continue for a good while.

  2. The poetry card has been played! The stakes have been raised! You better watch out, or Scrap might respond to one of these with just a drawing.