Friday, 11 January 2019

The Duck is Up

The zine I made with Scrap, A Night at the Golden Duck, is back on sale. (Just spent hours folding about 60 of them).

Its a weird experiment that Scrap and I made, an NPC-driven tavern-encounter fairytale murder mystery giant pocketmod thing.

People asked to be let know if we were back on sale, so here you are.

Here's Ben talking about it;

Zedeck talking about it.

Joe Banner.

Even an RPG.NET review?

As a lot of people have pointed out, we (I) screwed up and the answer to the mystery is printed on the map side which you would probably want to use as a player-aid. We advise either doing some editing with a sharpie once you have read it or folding it over.

Link is over on the right.


  1. Patrick. It's still showing up as Sold Out when I click the link over to Big Cartel. Not sure if it sold out that quickly again (according to Feedly this post went up an hour before I tried to buy it), it needs to be updated or I did something wrong, but thought you should know.