Saturday, 15 December 2018

Current Projects

First: apologies.

Due to personal stuff my very strong intent to do a whole December of blogs is looking pretty sketchy. (It was already looking pretty bad.) I know everyone is very excited about the Kickstarter but my personal life right now looks pretty much the opposite of that.

Its still my very strong intention to do everyone's requests but my personal situation has reached the point where I really actively need to be away from the internet for a meaningful period of time. A few days, a week, i'm not sure.

Anyway, the posting will be light for a while.

Steven De Waele asked about "projects that haven't had any appearance on this site yet ideas you'd like to tackle in the future for"

This is what my 'active' folder looks like;

Broken Fire Regime and DCO2 you probably know about. No idea when they will be coming.

Gackling Moon is essentially The Wodlands, except re-written and devised especially and only to be run as a no-art PDF, with deep interlinking. A text only product designed specifically for people who work with tablets and with no hardcopy made. No idea when that might be coming out.

Gawain is my (half)-translation of Gawain and the Green Knight, except as an actual book and with illustrations by Daniel Puerta. That is actually coming along, albeit slowly.

Knights of the Snail is the stories, you already know about them.

Nihilus was me thinking about doing a 40k game. Its a handful of notes with bizzare linkages between an altered Stars Without Number sector generation thing, Matrix games and the actual 40k rulset. Its tiny, fragmentary and will probably never happen.

Obsidian Shore is a tiny booklet-sized micro-setting with Art and some writing by K Yani. It will probably happen but it is going slowly.

SUBWAY is a code name, it isn't actually called that. Its a game largely by K Yani but with bits by me. A collaboration. Its on hold while everything else on this list is happening.

This is what the 'POTENTIAL' folder looks like;

Some of these are extremely fragmentary, one or two are literally just a line of text in a notepad file. one I'm pretty sure shouldn't be there. Who knows if any will ever be addressed.


  1. I do hope and wish that you personal things will turn for the better than they are now.

  2. Buddy am I ever excited for 'number 1 human agent'!

  3. Hi, thanks for this update. Best of luck on getting your things back in order, you'll be missed but take your time. Being okay is better than being on the internet after all. I am intrigued by Cold Pelagic Maze, but that could be the snow falling outside talking.

  4. Nihilus sounds superinteresting.

  5. Please do more deRo stuff. Like, I would read a blog or buy a book that was entirely the deRo doing reviews of pop culture artefacts.

  6. Thank you for sharing your wonders and continuing to inspire others. I wish you nothing but the best over the holiday season. Some time away is always a good thing. You already made my Christmas and many of my players with Silent Titans so thank you greatly.
    Knowing things may or may not happen is what makes them even better if they come to fruition. All the best Patrick.

  7. Islands of the Imprisoned Moon was great to play in, and seemed like it would make a good Traveller-meets-Sunless Sea sandbox (i.e. its trading but in the sense of "oh god we can't afford enough candles and will we have to eat the crew")

  8. The December posts so far have been awesome, please don't feel any pressure to live up to commitments about posting frequency, this is already one of the most prolific dnd blogs. Your project list looks amazing!

  9. Laki maika'i with whatever is up and have a good holiday! I hardly ever post but...I am super grateful for whatever you write whenever it happens.

    No pressure on any of this!

  10. I'm a bit late to this conversation, but I just started using a trello board to track our projects at work, and it has so immensely useful that I also made one for personal projects.

    Seeing your array of folders in various states of completion reminded me of it, and you might also find it massively useful for managing all the bits in one place.