Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Faerie Machine

I'm going to try reading the entirety of Edmund Spensers 'The Faerie Queene'. That's about 1000 pages of poetry and 60-something Cantos with 50+ stanzas each over five Books.

I wanted to do something public to help me get through it. Its in close early modern so it doesn't really need translating.

I counted the Cantos yesterday afternoon and worked out that if I record and post one every day then I will finish almost exactly at Christmas.

Each Canto is looking to be about 20/30 minutes when read out.

I am not that good a reader, I don't go back and edit these so there are coughs, re-reads, line hitches and some moments of failed emphasis, but there you go.

So here is the first book, telling the story of the Knight of the Red Cross.

And I think I've set this up as a podcast which I think you can subscribe to here.

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