Thursday, 24 August 2017

A Daytrip to Bastions Canal District

Was lucky enough recently to grab a free daytrip to the Canal District of Chris McDowall's Bastion.

Not the game. The real, actual place.

First a stay at the charming Station Hotel;

Then a quick stroll through a series of concrete tunnels;

Before finally arriving at the coast. 

It was certainly day-tripper weather;

The place was full of charming follies & adornments;

The world-famous canal-boats were in fine fettle;

Arranged in all their glory;

I was lucky enough to get a look inside some local homes;

They were full of modern amenities;

The most up-to-date "Mod Cons"

Academic achievements on display;

The phone box was locked, presumably for safety;

People may claim that Bastions Canal District has seen better days..

But as you can clearly observe here..

Things can only get better!

A boat of yester-year here on display.

Some tools of the boat-painters art.

An artefact retrieved from.. somewhere.

Some more of the boat-painters-art. Based on real castles?

I can absolutely confirm that everything about the Canal District is;
"Healthily active, mildly adventurous and abounding in interest."

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and it was time to say goodbye!


  1. Is that a nuclear power plant in the last photo?

    1. I believe its a normal power plant but deactivated.

  2. Maybe those pictures of castles are not only portray real castles but each can guide you to this precise castle. I.e. painted image ties to destination.

  3. Sometimes I think the whole of England is a museum of itself, except for the parts taken over by muslims.

    1. It isn't.

      Also, keep it apolitical or fuck off.

    2. Duly noted. Wasn't trying to be political. Will try harder.

  4. That vintage TV and stove are things of beauty.