Wednesday, 17 May 2017

In 3D

Apologies for the nothing post.

I will, for the first time, be going to a 'Con', the UK Games Expo in Birmingham. I will be at the Lamentations desk for most of Saturday the 3rd of June. or at least until I have a breakdown due to the crowds, noise and social contact. Or until Raggi and I kill each other over some obscure disagreement.

So if you would like to witness my glassy smile and pained grimace in three dimensions then come along! And I will sign whatever is put in front of me. Take a 'selfie' as the kids say.

If you are not on my facebook you might not know what I look like. 

I look like this;

And here is an interesting creature I saw on a walk yesterday


  1. Breakdowns happen at Cons. It's a thing. The spacious surrounds provide places aplenty to hide when it becomes too much. Most stands will have tables with cloths covering, suited to ducking beneath at a pinch.

  2. Hopefully things go well! If I didn't live in the states I'd drop by.

  3. It's a damn shame that you and Zak/Arnold live half a world away.

    Face to the blog, finally. It's funky seeing what the nerds actually look like.