Monday, 4 August 2014

Pictures of Titans and a link to a better post.

A picture of a Space Viking riding a tugboat pulled by wolves has sparked a deep intorspection in to the heart of culture.

Firstly, if you want to read some interesing analysis of Mini's, go here and read both the post and the comments (not mine, mine was terrible), then if you want to follow up, go here and read the comments.

Now here are some pictures of Titans I jammed together. Some are very old titans in the 6mm range. that means they are about the size of  your thumb, or smaller. The others are modern Titans in the 28mm range. That makes them the size of your hand, or forearm maybe.


  1. That's a useful resource, and I'm surprised we don't see more comparison of the two scales with all the conversion across there's been through FW.

    I'll admit to a happy face scrolling down as well. The 6mm still gets me right where it yearns, even after so many years and so many new providers. If we're talking play, the three key approaches - or seven if you work at the finer level and count NetEpic, Titan Legions, both editions of Space Marine and Adeptus Titanicus separately - are still a broad and spectacular but also tactically deep way of exploring the setting.

    For titans and gargants in their element in 2014, check this out:

    It's a bit heavy on images.

  2. For my tastes 40K designs started edging away from the enjoyably gonzo stuff a while back... trying to take the whole thing more seriously, or something. It's still plenty silly but seems under a delusion that it's not.

    Similar to thoughts I've seen about the new Godzilla movie, which looks great... convincing in its spectacle... but somewhat loses the toy-value of the old rubber suit versions... and how the concept of Godzilla itself may be at odds with more realistic/serious depictions (I had similar thoughts about Pacific Rim... fun, ridiculous trash that doesn't quite seem to get its own joke).