Tuesday, 29 July 2014

d30 Transformers Plot Points for D&D

1. The master of a creaking prison-ship keeps pet hyenas with armour woven into their skin.

2. Guards whose faces themselves are glyphs of warding.

3. An explosive fire that burns away flesh to chrome, leaving a field of fleeing desperate chrome sculptures.

4. An apparently-noble paladin who uses his injuries as a weapon to seduce the weak to loyalty as they heal him.

5. A wizard who sees through the eyes of forearm-sized dragonflies.

6. An imp imprisoned, tortured into recording the knowledge from two severed daemon heads.

7. A pack of evil killers, stupid when alone but commanded in detail by white coils that sprout from their left ears.

8. An angry failed wizard builds futile golems of scrap to guard the virginity of his sluttish daughter, too late, it is already stolen by a bearded rogue.

9. A man so patriotic he keeps a flag outside his house, several inside his house, wears a mask with it on and paints his horses armour in its colours.

10. A warrior who loves people, cursed to only speak in quotes he hears.

11. A sculpted spray of swords, when grasped, reveals a secret store of magical weapons, for giants.

12. A noble fills a town with trained stunt men and women to enhance the drama of every duel.

13. An invisible force hauls every metal object into the sky above a cities streets, then drops them. It is searching for something.

14. Noble giant warriors, transformed into brave but savage gigantic beasts.

15. The douchebag paladin from 4, frees slaves promising them freedom, then immediately threatens to kill them if they don't do what he wants

16. The douchebag paladin reveals the power of flight to escape from a dangerous situation. He always had it, just didn't use it till now.

17. A foolish mage builds a golem with stolen memories from a daemons head, and is surprised when it turns evil.

18. A sorcerer creates a weapon that can become any kind of weapon, but 50% of the time becomes a pointless luxury product.

19. A guild of mighty illusionists, secretly funded, and effectively owned by a guild of wealthy merchants. Each spell must contain the identity of a consumer product.

20. A group of knights who can transform into their own steeds, they never need mounts and may pass in secret.

21. A mighty kingdom betrays a group of noble knights, it assassinates them and uses their magic armour to make golems to fulfil their role. (Then they ahve to fight the empty suits of their dead friends.)

22. The douchebag Paladin promises never to take another human life, then rides a monster through the city streets, laughing as it incinerates people.

23. A brawny Lvl3 fighter with a squashed face who threatens everyone, claims to be a misunderstood genius, shows no evidence of this.

24. An impudent knight carries a surfboard on the side of his horse, though he patrols the plains, he thinks this 'hilarious'.

25. A man hides his family from monsters inside a glass box.

26. Greedy traitors trade murders for a seed of death from an ancient race.

27. A zone where physical impact strikes logic itself, s the longer a battle goes on the less sense anyone is allowed to make.

28. A hunter who's featureless mask is a a flowing list of targets.

29. A sexy female geologist has nothing to to, so sculpts dinosaurs from ice at the end of the world.

30. An obviously sinister femme fatale turns out to be highly competent and good-hearted. Surprising because up to this point everyone in the story of a different race was either a childlike idiot or evil.


  1. marky mark is an angry failed wizard. and aww, you left bumblebee with his nobility. oh, bumblebee. great list. stolen.

  2. 28. A hunter whose featureless mask is a a flowing list of targets.

    Fixed that for you. "Who's" only means "Who is."