Friday, 21 December 2012


Long white, looks like a lion on meth. Blind. Claws drip slowly with Alkhest, the universal solvent. Can ultimately claw its way through anything.

Lives in vast alkali caverns formed from the decayed rock it scraped away to form its lair. Salt-mine warrens are its hunting ground.

Has symbiotic relationship with fungal spores that form its ruff. Like a host of dandelion seeds, but six or seven feet long and projecting forwards, you cant really see its face. When the lion hungers a few spores break off and float off half-intelligent like dandelion seeds on the wind. Wandering through caverns. When they find flesh, the lion awakes and follows.

Empty white salt tunnels with occasional bright spiked floating seeds caught in the lanterns glow. The seedstems flex and bend towards you as if alive. You turn back but then there's another, and another and another.

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