Sunday, 8 March 2020

Ping-Pong One: Psy-Berg of the Phosphate Sea


Scrap has asked me to find a meaning for this image;

A Psy-Berg of the Phosphate Sea

Here we see glowering beautifully a worm-haunted waste-pack from the City of Solar Light, which races, roaring, across the horizon at high altitude and speed.

The bergs themselves are a byproduct of the Cities schemes to control its own terrible heat, a kind of thermal foam is created there, the most ethereal layers of which are so exquisitely sensitiveness that they absorb the terror of the heat-exhausted underclass who labour to continual produce it.

Thence this top layer is skimmed off with rapidity, and since it already begins to writhe and set, is ejected at speed, directly down into the Phosphate Sea as the City passed overhead.

Constructed as they are, of coagulated pain, the Psy-Bergs are home not only to Psy-Pirates, who raid the dreams and memories of those they attack for old hopes and fond connections, which they gather round as the hopes slowly dim to nothing, serving to keep the pirates from self-annihilation, and holding back the spooks of doom, but also to their own strange ecology of carrion thoughts, both evolved forms descended from vermin of the fire city and creatures from the phosphate sea itself adapted to a more sessile life upon the bergs.

The bergs, as you see, are never entirely stable. Ghosformed, shifting like illusions between visits, they cannot be named and are recorded only by a narrow caste of Mute Deceivers descended themselves from an extinct clade of shaman from the annihilated tribes of the Phosphate Sea.

These Deceivers, expertly record, not the details of the berg itself but the patterning of waves and swells around it, as well and the emotional, physical, psychic and moral destruction they werak upon those who enter within.

But of the berg itself, they think not at all, and so hold the records of them silently as a void at the centre of a web of connections.

Only the Mute Deceivers can inform anyone of which psy-bergs are where, of their relative size and psychic danger, of the presence of pirates or apex predators, or any other thing, and so the cult persists

The Ecology of the Psy-Bergs;

Beneath and around their base subsists the Algae of Pain; anti-luminescent microbeings - identifiable through the rich darkness they spread upon the water - clearly visible in this image.

Feeding upon these pools of night-black energy-absorbing algae are the ghosts of evil whales - largely unconcerned with human endeavour, nevertheless their foul song can be extremely disenchanting.

SquealSeals also hunt in the inverted pain pinnacles beneath the berg. This is a form of deadly squid which has adapted itself, for some unknown reason, into forming the shape of a seal, curling its tentacles and other parts into that morphology and even in some cases, inhabiting a seal skin.

Within the caverns of the Berg can be found colonies of vile midnight-brown Descending Penguins, morbid, violent, cannibalistic and intensely sexually destructive creatures - the main threat to their survival as a species being themselves, as nothing else is willing to come near them.

Cackling in the black caverns can also be found the Gibbons of Delusion - maniacal ice-cold cryo-monkeys created by the Sleep of Reason itself. The more tractable examples of their kind are sometimes trained by Psy-Pirates, becoming first violent pets, then almost part of the crew, and if their deluding abilities grow strong enough, eventually leading such groups...


Now I have answered you Scrap, SO.

WHAT, (or WHO) is this;

Sergio Bustamente



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