Monday, 16 March 2020


Yes christ more marketing! Choke on iiiiittt! You can never hate me as much as I hate myself!!!

Wounded by victory and tantalised by capitalism, we stagger towards some terrible Jerusalem to be born.

Scrap and I have submitted to the terrible logic of STRETCH GOALS

For the extremely reasonable price of only £30,000 we will create a magnificent folly of slightly but meaningfully higher quality than before. Including...

  • THICKER PAPER! - Now a luxurious 150gsm silk!
  • SECTION SEWN HARDBACK - It already was though!
  • THREE RIBBON MARKERS  - You really seemed to want these so now you get classic DCO White, Black and RED. NEVER LOSE YOUR PLACE AGAIN.
  • SPOT UV COVER - A translucent tactile shimmering image within an image. What will it be? No idea yet!
  • PRINTED ENDPAPERS - All the maps to be included in the endpapers as well as inside the book!
  • SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS TRILOBITE - After massive demand your old familiar friend from previous False Machine products will be making an appearance to introduce you to the book!
  • FREE MAP FILES WITH THE PDF - Anyone downloading the PDF will have the option to download files of the maps. Print em' out and use them however you like!
  • OH WAIT - A SHELF FOR ELGIN SCOTT SO HE HAS ROOM TO PLACE THE BOOK - I am only doing this once in my life and only because it is funny so don't ask me for stuff again, but YES, if we reach our goal we will buy this guy and Ikea Shelving Unit and have it shipped to his home.

There were also fancy Backer Levels but they are now largely gone - I think 2 are left.


  1. aww come on I wanted an official soundtrack :(

  2. and a high res trailer! time to set some 40.000 goals, patrick!