Monday, 14 December 2020

Toy Update

 Apparently we can get away with posting our toys on here as "content" and since I am only part-way through reading the Pathfinder Bestiary 2, here is a record of what I have been up to on my weekends.

I just love Slaanesh man, I suppose this is my only chance to be fabulous. This is the earliest model that I think is any good, manly due to the conversion, (push-fit Primaris Captain, elf-head, tzaangor sword, old lead chaos marine lord backpack, deathwatch combi-plasma, collected bitz and plasticard on the base and a Blood Bow snotling to cap it off. Behold Lord Fabulous of the Emperors Children.

My Kitbash Noise Marine squad leader. Primaris Apothecary body, elf head, pink space wolf combi-bolter aaand random other stuff I can't remember. Squig was an adaption, Primaris Marines have one foot on a rock so often I think they must have servitors or something carrying rocks around so they can stand on them overseeing the battle. 

GW's remade classic Glam Rock Noise Marine Champion. Not perfect, but not bad either. This guy has a crop-top and abs which you don't get to see much of in the finished mini but thanks GW for making that choice.

I have developed this fascination with the interrelationship of colour and mass, which as it turns out is basically an infinitely deep and mysterious topic.

Dazzle. Noise marine conversion with a stormcast base and god knows what added on top. A somewhat frustrating photo as all my experiments with patterning were originally inspired by WWI disruptive camouflage Dazzle Patterns for ships and of all my minis this one came out closest to that ideal. She looks great IRL but this was my attempt at using a lightbox instead of daylight and even with a lot of fiddling with the image its not great.

Tooth-Marine! Brush your teeth everyone! Push-Fit Stormcast, old Marine sniper scout gun, hand reader from a Primaris kit, and the big Tooth from the Chaso Spawn kit - still a very fertile source of bits from a time when GW tended a little more towards the lego-interpretation of modelling. 

What if your Noise Marine gun was literally a Banshee or something you pulled from the Warp? Well here you go; push-fit stormcast, chaos backpack, an old metal Drachny'en and Abaddon head which I found in a little shop that was only open and selling bitz for a short while, old warhammer banshee and a bent paperclip as her eldritch bindings.

"Bugfucker" - a dude who joined chaos largely so he could bang Tyranids. A noble goal. Push-fit stormcast, filed-down genestealer cultist head, Abaddons old Claw of Horus, weapon bits from I think one part was the Chaos marine Havoc seat and another was some tyrranid thing.

Pretty simple Stormcast Conversion with Chaos Marine Chainsword, no idea where the Bolt Pistol is from and one of Abaddons metal trophy-racks turned sideways and stuck to a chaos backpack.

Nice wee group shot of the 'boys', (two of whom are girls).

Everyone's favourite Space-Mengele Fabulous Bill with a funky chaos-spawn mobility scooter made from a foot from the new Warhammer Gargant, bits of a Tzeetch screamers kit, still more of the seemingly endless resource of the Chaos Spawn kit and an arm from a Keeper of Secrets.

Yes I gave all the hands medical gloves.

A big project! A Keeper of Secrets I did for a friend. Kept me up for a weekend and a day, and that was just for the painting after the assembly and undercoat. Finally got the skin looking ok right before the end but it was questionable right before then.

My other project that produced ok-looking results - a Fallen/Moon Cult/random cultists force which evolved from a bunch of Kitbashes I made for an Inquisitor game more than a year ago.

A Dark Angels Inquisitor I got because I just really loved that model. I found I do better painting when I either Kitbash something or just really want that particular piece without any real context. he has a power maul from the Havoc kit but he does look a little Loony Tunes with that heavy mass held up there. He is meant to be Fallen/Nihilus Marine so perhaps he is going to bonk a loyalist on the head.

These were all painted with a trinary zenithal highlight of blue, green and yellow, and then all kinds of inks and whatever on top. The tank was an experiment in weathering that didn't quite work but ended up looking ok as part of a force. If you can see any of the text on there it has the book of Job scrawled all over it beneath the weathered overcoat.

There are moon-steeds accompanying the tank because, well I had the parts. One is a very old knights horse I got from a friend with a face and tail from the cornucopia of the chaos spawn kit, the other a Stormcast Gryph hound with a skill from the warhammer skull kit as a face. 

The lady shooting a bow from the top of the tank is an old archer body with a necromunda head (though her paint job isn't that great up close) and there is a converted Lord of the Rings goblin dude with a Cadian bottom half kitbashed onto him riding along.

These particular troops are largely penal soldiers from Victoria Miniatures with lots of warhammer and 40 bits and pieces, at least one has an old fanatic body. The Grimdark Bagpiper is the only pure Victoria Minis piece in there. Hope I did him justice.

I have an Instagram where I post this stuff if anyone's really into it.


  1. Toy content is good content, in my books. I always love seeing kitbashes, far and above my favorite part of collecting.

  2. So why aren't you writing novels for Games Workshop, exactly?

    1. Lad I pitched twice and did not get through. So some combo of the pitches not being good enough, them not being into me and me not burning myself out with multiple tries as I have my own thing going on now

  3. Out of all (who are amazing in their own right), Dazzle has this very cool sense of motion about them.

    1. Hopefully that sense of motion will make her hard to hit with a torpedo

  4. Really like the Dazzle pattern. Can you elaborate on the mass and color thing?

    1. Not easily but I'll try. Basically when the eye & visual cortex look at something, like an object, creature etc, the mind has a wild range of structures and processes that help it work out what it is, what shape it is, is it moving, is it living, if it is living what kind of movements are its body making etc

      Being able to sense colour gives us an extra dimension to that process, adding an extra band of information BUT that same extra band can be used to disrupt delude and confuse. By altering the colours of something in a systematic way you can hack those processes and trick the mind in a way where, if it had less info, ie monochrome, it might have seen through the deception

    2. part 2 - so from there studying colour and its interaction with mass and form takes us all over the place, sculpture, design, mini painting, neurobiology, cultural and chemical histories of colour, saiper-whorff, camouflage, high-visibility industrial design and of course, dazzle patterns

  5. I've been following your miniatures for a while and they bear your stamp

  6. My eyes are bleeding.
    Slaanesh will be pleased.