Friday, 23 November 2018

The Omega Rule

The Omega Rule

Rules designed to make play better by removing negative play results, should never be followed absolutely. They should be followed 95% of the time.

Even a very good rule, if followed absolutely, puts the players in a kind of invisible trap.

Boredom, session crashing results from single rolls, disasters from bad information, PC's forced into inactivity due to circumstances, player decision paralysis, the world just flat out saying 'no'; all these things are generally bad. But in a game where they can *never* happen has the life and energy drained from it.

Failure and frustration *without any clear idea of what to do next*, provide the essential catalyst for character development (both player and PC).

Actual decision paralysis causes players to work out the groups internal hierarchies, power-exchanges, roles and decision making processes.

And the world itself is like this. It has the bad outcomes described above. Removing them stops people from investigating the imagined world 'as if it were a place that was real'. This investigation, probing and questioning is/are a primary means by which the imagined world is illuminated and sustained.

Also - hopefully still on course for a launch on December the 1st or 2nd;

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