Friday, 30 November 2018

On My Way to Dragonmeet

I'm banging send and share on this as I go out of the door at about 6 in the morning.

(Edit - missed the train. Writing this on fresh train. This is turning out to be a very bad day.)

On my way to Dragonmeet in London, expect to be there around 10.00am (edit - no, around 11.00) if the trains work out.

I have about 20 copies of A Night at the Golden Duck,

 if anyone wants one.

I will probably be hanging around the tables for All Rolled Up and LotFP. I might also be playing something with Chris McDowall.

If you want something signed I'd be happy to.

If you haven't seen me before I look roughly like this;


  1. A flustered little chap came running up to me and asked "Have you seen Patrick Stuart? I need to see Patrick Stuart!" I hadn't seen you so I couldn't help him. I hope he found you.

  2. Have fun, couldn't make it this year myself but hope you enjoy it :)

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  4. Alas, we didn't see you... Hope all went well, that you made it, and you simply ended up adrift somewhere else in the con.