Wednesday, 7 November 2018

A Night at the Golden Duck

Scrap came from the other side of the earth. We made a Zine together.

 We hacked this together in between watching squirrels, terrible bus journeys and episodes of the Jeremy Brett Granada Sherlock series.

It was meant to be something quick and simple we could do and get out relatively easily. The style is similar to the Fire on the Velvet Horizon aesthetic. Cut ups of courier font text mixed with Scraps drawings.

This is how it works;

 Its meant to be an encounter at an Inn. The party walks in and finds five strange NPCs' each has a unique history and personality, and secret motives. There is also a Legendary Treasure said to be hidden somewhere in the Inn, the Golden Duck itself.

Depending on what the PCs do, the NPCs might try to kill them, try to murder each other, seek or the Golden Duck, try to stop anyone else getting the Golden Duck, or maybe nothing at all will happen. Each NPC has different triggers, fears and aims so it could go a range of ways.

The Zine as you flip through it has the NPCs, the Legend of the Golden Duck and a rough chronology of the night. If you open it to an A2 poster you find a multi-layered map of the Inn, with stats, the secret of the treasure and some adventure information.

This is Miss Tricks, she is one of the NPCs;

To find out what she is about, you will need to buy the thing. it's available only in hardcopy, there will never be a PDF. It's light, we have kept it so that you don't get screwed on the postage.

You can get it at the new False Parcels BigCartel storefront. An experiment I am setting up to possibly sell small, light things that can be produced locally and posted easily.

Here is the Storefront;


  1. Very cool, I hope this experiment works out. You two always make great stuff!

  2. 2.5 dollars shipping to Sweden makes me HAPPY inside.

    Hope to see more cool stuff from you two, best of luck!

  3. I bought it, I liked it, I wrote a review:

    As stated I hope to see a dozen copies for sale at Dragonmeet, I'll send people your way to buy them.

    1. Thanks Joe. You are right, I definitely should have put the secret on the 'inside'.