Monday, 20 February 2017

Well, that did not take long...

It was asked for in the comments so here's the link (I think, I can't be certain as I can't go there any more)

EDIT: much worse than me being exiled from the Purple City is this-

Since it's unlikely that this is going to get retweeted by Will Wheaton, if you want to buy at Sarah's comics you can click on the image below or on this link

They are wierd and dark, but you are reading this blog so probably you are into that.


  1. It really doesn't take any effort at all to get banned on I once got banned for a week because there was a new mod who was so thrilled by it that he simply had to ban someone on the flimsiest of pretense.
    Not that he said that but I gathered that from the following discussion in the same thread where the other mods applauded him for his first ban.

    Some other users made a complaint, asking what about my comment had been objectionable. Very nice people. (Not that they got any explanation either.)

    1. Nerds are resentful bugmen who covet power because they are weak. All dissenters are the kid who bullied them in grade school, and they use their power to revenge themselves on his myriad forms.

    2. Indeed, the nerd wishes revenge upon all things.

  2. Replies
    1. It's not just a bad forum any more. Bad forums are two-a-penny.

      It's become a working model of the Asch conformity experiments backed up by a group of moderators perfectly willing to punish dissent. That's infinitely more scary.

      Just look at the reflexive, self-flagellating apology in the original post of the thread.

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  4. I love how that thread is basically unreadable for anybody not deep into internet anti-harassment outrage signalling

    How one can construct a moral damnation of Zak S. from the flimsy evidence that he may be an ass online I don't know

    Demanding a complete occupation ban as a necessary consequence of moral failings is another grotesque leap

    And judging a work by the author's ethical merit is insanity

    I always tried to have nuanced opinions, but those aren't very useful lately.
    Tyler the creator was always right about cyber-bullying.


  5. The once-great RPG.Net has fallen to become it's own weird, suffocating, hermetic, insular, subculture within a subculture. It's like China during the cultural Revolution, or Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge.

    Anyway, if this lot are your enemies, it speaks highly of you.

  6. Man. Reading all of that thread made me feel like an insane person. Like literally made me feel like I was getting lovecraft character crazy by reading words on a screen. Dear lord.

  7. Well ... I'm not astonished at seeing you banned from "the big viole(n)t".

    I for one didn't bother being able to write there since the rules have been executed at haphazard. The environment they are fostering has nothing to offer for authority sceptics like me. In other words: They have serious issues with dissidents.

    Sarah Horrocks leaving games is a pity. Another (innocent) victim in a mindless war.