Tuesday, 14 February 2017

DCO Reformation

If there is one complaint we hear almost daily from the Hipsters of the OSR its that you have Too Much Money.

"Shut up and take my money!" You scream as you weep from the open leg sores brought about from the giant bags of gold you carry banging against your thighs as you walk.

Some of you can't even open your own wallets any more becasue they are jammed with black Amex Credit Cards and 100 dollar bills, many of you can't even publicly say where you are going on holiday as rumours of your presence in a country will create preemptive inflation booms and crash the economy and a number of you have complained that the market for platinum war suits for your genetically engineered monkey gladiators is totally glutted.

Well worry no more, Scrap and I are teaming up with Hydra Co-op to put together a new edition of Deep Carbon Observatory.

Our hope is that the new edition of DCO will be produced alongside, and come out in the same format as, Broken Fire Regime, so if you want to you can buy them alongside each other. These will make two adventures in an intended four-part series which should one day be;

  1. Deep Carbon Observatory - Earth and deep things. (I know the flood is the famous but but come on guys, look at the title.)
  2. Broken Fire Regime - Fire. 
  3. Littoral Storm Corsairs - Pirates in the envelope of a Gas Giant. Air.
  4. Unsleeping Oceanic Athenaeum - Water/The Oceans.

(These will almost certainly be A4 to give Scraps images more room to breathe, to have more of them on there and to have a greater interrelationship between informational segments.)

These would be sequels in the way that the Mad Max films are sequels. That is, they would have a similar tone and could all be set in the same world, or versions of it, but they do not necessarily lead directly on from each other. (Though they could).

If we get all the scheduling right, the new DCO and BFR should hopefully be available around the end of the year.

I'm not intending to do any massive additions to DCO, but, I know a lot of different people have run it, with very varied effects, and I would like to re-write it a bit to try to resolve some of the most common issues with the text.

What I'd like to do is put together a list of the most common issues and go through them one-by-one, producing an official Mark 2 draft and make that the basis of the new version.


If you have any comments on DCO, or suggestions, or just things you found awkward or want changed then please send them to pjamesstuart at gmail dot com with the subject heading; DCO REFORMATION.

You can also leave comments here or on G+ but sometimes people will see an issue they agree with and either not comment or simply plus one it, which means their opinion may get lost.

Anyway, thanks for your attention and thanks to everyone who helped to make DCO such a successful project for its size, I (and Scrap) really do appreciate it.


  1. That's great news, but i wish i'd caught wind of it before i bought the print version this weekend. Talk about bad timing. Nevertheless, it's a great module, i'm very curious about BFR and the rest!

    1. Same, I just bought the print version tonight. XD

  2. I am so glad you have come with a scheme that will lessen the load of my sacks. My two cents, keep it ugly (or don't succumb to the market pressures of swine like us who feel you should make the new release "pretty"). Choose which ever spin offends you least (most). Looking forward to the new stuff.

  3. Tell us more about parts III and IV.

    1. (I like how many people are just not sending me emails at all despite the fact that I put that request in big font.)

      I can't tell you much about them yet as I don't know much about them. If DCO was about despair and BFR is about change and revolution then LSC is about adventure and romance and UOA is about sadness, dreams, the unconscious and death.

      So in LSC you get abducted by a Brainstormer from FotVH or something like that and when you take over his cloud ship you find you have been taken into a new world which I am basing on theoretical studies of the atmospheres of exoplanets. Its a pirate kingdom ruled directly by death and the PC's are pirates in the fastest ship around. They adventure about until they fight death, unite two long dead lovers and get home.

      UOA has the PC's interacting with something which I think is a library of dreams of some kind under the sea, but its shaped of water and manned by intelligent nudibranches and its being threatened by something terrible and a PC may need to sacrifice their life to preserve it.

    2. You and your nudibranches!

    3. I have literally used them once, in one game.


    5. I am looking forward to all of them, though. They sound great. Especially the last one, although I'll be interested to see how you work around water-breathing and also fighting/doing anything underwater.

    6. You will be waiting years. My conception right now is for air-filled spaces in the water but we will see how things work out.

  4. I just like to remind you again of the dam disaster we had here in Brazil. Even though is a tragedy, there is lots of photos in Google to get some inspiration. The mud even got into de ocean hundreds of kilometers of the disaster!