Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Gawain 1922 - 1978, Gawain confirms he is Kinsey One max.

And then they hied away home, for it was near night,
Sounding full stoutly on their strong horns.
The lord alights at the last at his beloved home,
Fire flickers on flag-stones, the knight there-beside,
Sir Gawain the good, that glad was with all,
Among the ladies for love he laid much joy.
he wore a tunic of teal that just touched the earth;
His surcoat seemed him well that soft was furred,
And his hood of that ilk on his shoulder hung,
Each all of ermine were edged all around.
He meets with this good man in midst of the floor,
And all in gaming he greets, and gaily said,
"I shall first fulfill our final deal,
That we speedily spoke of when spared was no drink."
Then clasps he the knight and kisses him thrice,
As sweetly and strongly as he could them set.
"By Christ," said the other knight, "you caught a good sale
In choosing this commodity, if you cheaply it got."
"Think not of the cheapness or charge," said chiefly that other,
"As I have parceled and presented the purchase I made."
"Mary," said that other man, "mine is much less,
For I have hunted all this day, and naught have I got
But this foul fox fur - the fiend have such goods! -
And that is full poor to pay for such prized things
As you have carefully caressed me with, these kisses
          so good.
"Enough," said Gawin
I thank you, by the rood,"
And how the fox was slain
He told him as they stood.

With mirth and minstrally, with meat of their will,
They made as merry as any man might -
With laughing of ladies, with joking of bawds,
Gawain and the good man so glad were they both -
Unless both demented, or drunk were they all.
Both the men and their many made many japes,
Till the season was certain that they sever must;
Bros to their beds be-heaved them at last.
Then loyally his leave of the lord first
Files this free man for, and for his fayre thanks:
"Of such a sweet sojourn as I have had here,
Your honour at this high feast, the high king you reward!
I'll swap you me for one of yours, if yourself likes,
For I must needs, as you know, make off in the morn,
So lend me some servant to teach, as you said,
The gate to the green chapel, as God will me suffer
To deal on New Years day the doom of my wyrd."
"In good faith," said the good man, "with a good will
All that ever I promised you I shall fulfill."
There assigns he a servant to set him on the way
And conduct him by the downs that he no delay had,
For to drive through the dales and so the green chapel,
The lord Gawain then implored
That in leaving he would grieve;
Then of the ladies pure
The knight then took his leave.

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