Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Gawain 1871 - 1921, Planned sex game or just weird situation, we will never know*.

Then she takes her leave and leaves him there,
For more mirth of the man might she not get.
When she was gone, Sir Gawain gears him soon,
Rises and dresses in noble array,
Lays away the love-lace the lady him gave,
Hid it full stealthily where he might later find.
Then quickly to the chapel chooses the way,
Privately approached a priest, and prayed him there
That he would listen to his life and learn him better
How his soul should be saved when he should see heaven.
There he shrove him sincerely and showed his misdeeds,
Of the min to the maximum, and mercy beseeches,
And for absolution he on the priest calls;
And he absolved him surely and set him so clean
As doomsday should have been due on the morn.
And then he made him as merry among the free ladies,
With comely carols and all kinds of joy,
As never he did but on that day, till the dark night,
          with bliss.
Each man had delight becasue
Of him and said, "What is
The cause, merrier he never was
Since he came here, 'ere this."

Now lets leave him lounging there, may love him betide!
Set is the lord on the land, leading his men.
He has boxed in the fox that he long followed;
As he sprinted over a span to spy the schemer,
There as he heard the hounds that hasted towards,
Reynard came writhing through a rough bush,
And all the rabble in a rush right at his heels.
The watcher, aware of the wild one, warily waits,
And brings out the bright brand and at the beast cuts.
And he shifted from the sharp and should have escaped;
But a dog rushed upon him before he might rise,
And right before the horses feet they fell on him all,
And worried they the wily one with a wrathful noise.
The lord alights quickly and grabs him all up,
Brought him full boldly from the biting mouths,
Holds him over his head, halooing loud,
And there bayed with him many brutal hounds.
Hunters hied them thither with horns full many,
All blowing loudly till they their lord saw.
By that was come his company noble,
All that ever bore bugles blew them at once,
And all these other, that had no horns, hallooed;
It was the merriest mass that ever men heard
The rich roar that was raised there for Reynards soul
          with gloat.
Their hounds they then reward,
They stroked their heads and throat.
And then they took Reynard
And stripped him of his coat.

*We do know at the end. Planned sex game.

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