Thursday, 24 November 2016

Gawain 995 - 1019, Gawain really likes the guys wife..

On the morn, as each man minds that time
Our Deity for our destiny to die was born.
Well waxes in each personal world a wonderful joy.
So did it there on that day through many delights:
Both at breakfast and brunch and buffets as well
Dear men upon decks dressed of the best.
The old ancient wife the highest chair takes;
The perfect lord politely took his place beside.
Gawain and the gay lady together they sit,
Right in the center where courses came first,
Taken then through the hall, as them best seemed,
Till each guest by degree gravely was served.
There was meat, there was mirth, there was much joy,
That to tell of the tenth.. well, I've told this before,
And to pick out each point might pain my portrayal.
But say I know that Gawain and good lady had
Such comfort of their company clasped together
Through the deep dalliance of their dear words,
With clean courteous conversation (flirtation free),
Locked in play more pleasing than a princes game,
          were that pair.
Nakren sounded at leisure,
Trumpets blew their loud airs;
Each man attended his pleasure,
And those two attended theirs.

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