Friday, 25 November 2016

Gawain 1020 - 1045, He really likes grabbing Gawain

Much delight was there drunk down that day and the next,
And the third as thickly thronged with pleasures many;
The joy of Saint Johns day was gentle to hear,
And was the last of their leasure, lords there thought,
Then were guests to go upon the gray morn,
Fortwith wonderly they woke and the wine drank,
Danced unceasingly with dear carols,
At the last, when late, they looked to their leave,
Each to wend on his way that was homeward inclined.
Gawain gives him good day, the lord grabs him up,
Leads him to his own chamber, the chimney beside,
And there he deeply commends him and dearly him thanks
Of the good grace that he, Gawain gave,
As to honour his house at that high time,
And to crown his castle with his bright cheer:
"Indeed, Sir, while I live my name is the richer
That Gawain has been my guest at Gods own feast."
"Grant mercy, Sir," said Gawain, "in good faith it is yours,
All the honour is your own - the high king bring you joy!"
And I wait at your will to work your desire,
As I am duty-held to do, in high and in low,
          by right."
The lord begs he remain
To hold longer the knight;
To him answers Gawain,
There is no way he might

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