Saturday, 26 November 2016

Gawain 1046 - 1078, Green Chapel = Found.

Then frankly, directly, the Duke framed his words:
What dread deed had driven him at this dear time
So keenly from the kings court to cut his fate alone,
'ere the holy-days wholly had happened to pass?
"For certain, sir," said the chevalier, "you speak only truth;
A high errand and a hasty one took me from my home,
For I am summoned, myself, to search out a place,
I know nowhere in nature its name can be found.
I would not fail to get near it on New Years morn
For all the land in Logres, so help me our Lord!
Therefore, sir, this request I require you to hear,
That you tell me with truth if ever you tale heard
of the green chapel, where it on ground stands,
And of the knight that it keeps, of colour of green.
There was stated by statute a deal us between
To meet that man at that minster, should I so live;
And of this dying December, few days now remain,
And I would look on that lord, if God let me would,
Rather gaze on him, by Gods son, than any gold wield!
Therefore, my lord, your leave I must ask
Now my adventure has left me bare three days,
And I am as fain to fall fatally as of my errand fail."
Then laughing said the lord, "Now you can't leave,
For I shall take you to that temple by the times end,
The green chapel upon ground grieve you no more;
But you shall be in your bed, brother, at your ease,
For four days, going forth on the first of the year,
And come to that man at mid-morn, to make what you like,
          your meeting commence.
Dwell here to New Years day,
And rise and ride then.
I shall show you the way;
It is not two miles hence."

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