Monday, 14 November 2016

Gawain 670 - 712, Gawain exits like a Boss & crosses me in time & space.

He struck the steed* with the spurs and sprung away,
So swift that the stone-fire struck out thereafter.
All that saw that scene sighed in heart,
And each said softly the same script to the other,
Grieving for that gallant: "By Christ, it is shameful
that you, lord, shall be lost that are of life noble!
To find his equal on earth is not easy, in faith,
Wiser to be wary and more wit show,
And have his sisters-son deemed a duke
A lordly leader of legions, that sounds about right;
And would have better been that than beheaded,
Hacked off by an elvish man, for masculine pride.
Who knew ever any king such counsel to take
As knights catastrophic calculations in Christmas games!"
Well-much was the warm water that welterd from eyes
When that seemly sire slipped out from the gate
          that day.
He made no abode,
But swiftly went his way;
Many weird ways he rode,
The book as I heard say.

Now rides his rank through the realm of Logres,
Sir Gawain, in God's name, to him no game seemed.
Oft lordless, alone he lingered on nights
Where he found not before him the fayre that he liked.
Had he no friend but his foal by the forests and fells,
Nor no voice but God spoke to him on the road,
Till he nosed full nigh into the North Wales.
All the isles of Anglesay on left hand he held,
and fared over the fords by the furlong,
Over at the Holy Head, till he had hit earth
In the wilderness of Wirral; where there but few
That either God or Man with good heart loved.
And he asked as he fared of freaks that he met,
If they had heard any hail of a knight green,
In any ground hearabout, or the green chapel;
And all narked him with "nay", that never in life
They saw never no fellow that was of such hue
          of green.
The knight took gates strange
In many a realm condemned;
His cheer oft full-changed,
Ere that chapel he found.

(* Poor Gringolet.)

(Arthurs court here, played by every internet comments section ever.)

It's here that Gawain and I cross paths in space and time. Both in 'the wilderness of Wirral' and both half way between Halloween and Christmas.

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