Monday, 4 January 2016

Done in 2015 and coming in 2016.


I was featured on the HiLowbrow website, which turned out to be quite popular.

I was interviewed by a Frog, which is the second time I have been interviewed ever.

Released Fire on the Velvet Horizon. Absolutely the thing of which I am proudest so far.

Released False Readings which is something of a CURATES EGG.

I climbed out of debt as well which isn't bad. Though any sane projection says I am still economically doomed.


Currently writing Broken Fire Regime, this is the successor to Deep Carbon Observatory. Hopefully one of four in an elemental quartet which should end up like this;

Deep Carbon Observatory
Broken Fire Regime
Littoral Storm Corsairs - 2017 maybe?
Oceanic Something Something - possibly 2018?

BFR is currently at 10,000 words and I'm not even a third of the way through the first draft. It will probably be more of a module than an adventure. This should be coming out from Hydra Collective

Medusa Maze (now called 'Maze of the Blue Medusa' I think) - currently in layout, will actually probably almost certainly come out in 2016 from Satyr Press*.

Veins of the Earth (Still 'in layout', go knows when this might emerge). This might come out from Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

I did a bunch of monsters for Raggi's Ref book/monster book. Some were pretty good I think. No idea when that's coming out.

To Do

Should write the book 'Knights of the Snail'. Have a research wishlist up for this. Will start as soon as BFR is done.

Plans to write a verse play 'The Nightmare Sea' have been pushed back a bit. The only person currently really into this is me and it would take ages so we will have to see how it goes.

People really  want me to write Lanthanum Chromate, they are so fucking eager that I pretty much have to do it. So OK, I'll do it in 2016, or at least start it.

Then its just Littoral Storm Corsairs  and Oceanic Dream Something.

And then done? I suppose someone just takes me to a nice farm where I can run around in the sunshine.

I'd really like to find more time to read up on and study sculpture and form as well.


Raggi still pays on time.

If you need a proof reader, employ Craig Judd. He's fast, accurate, reliable, communicative and didn't give me shit about editing his proof while seriously drunk

*Ken I don't even know if you have a website for that or what


  1. One cannot deny certain economic doom its consumptive charm

  2. Maze introduced me to your work/blog. Can't speak for anyone else, but I think the Nightmare Sea stuff is some of your most evocative. Something really unique about the style of posts: like a literary historian and an anthropologist from a different world. Only thing Ive seen close is the old 2.0 volos books, but those were mostly tongue in cheek discussionw while these actually feel lived in. Absolutely love it.