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"You are marked for death and the mark shall be the target of my Skeleton Marines!"

In the Degenerate Era, the dark doomed obsolescence of the Cosmos when the stars have burned to death and dying civilisations cluster round the embers of the white dwarf suns, the Grail Queen rules and holds a jealous memory of the single world that once defied her will. A pearl-world, blue and white, that lived long ago when the universe was bright with suns. Brooding on the burning memory of this ancient wrong, she summons from the corpse of the fated planet Melpomene, the giga-troubadours of doom and sends forth her legions of the Skeleton Marines. Floating in the famine-black and unrelenting cold, the slender Skeleton Marines cannot be stopped. Drifting through the ocean of deep time like plastic flotsam on a seeping wave, and cast into our reality like driftwood on a beach. Rising like the corpses of undead machines they advance implacably like the tick-tocking of a clock, wielding their entropic guns their black scanning eyes set now on earth!


"Bow to me heroes, for only by my will is your reality sustained!"

Clad in infinite unending onion-rings of trans-uranic iron teased from the torn hearts of worlds spiralling to nothing in the flensing event horizon of a cherenkov-strobing black hole. Armour flaked and abrading with the touch of unspeakable eons yet ever growing by the substance of his own dark thought. Each layer riveted with unique gnosis etched in sacred languages invented by prophetic monks. From his palace of shadow and slow-decaying waves at the end of all realities the Carapaced God rules and turns his hidden eye to earth and is displeased. Perhaps he wishes a continent moved, a second sun created, a nation drowned or time reversed. Or simply the slate of history wiped clean. Seeking some alteration he sends forth his sombre legions. Insect Priests, Twilight Knights, Tense Fetish Nuns and looming PanzerSnaelgle. The heroes oppose him yet he is an enemy that can never truly be defeated for should he fall, all reality would collapse into a screaming chaos.


From the decadent solar cubes of the Galactic Rim where ancient civilisations force the stars to burn as hypersquares comes an invasion force like no other, a force of frustrating anarchist women riding the reclaimed punked-up relics of a thousand years of fruitless war! Yet, these women claim no territory, seeking only the adventure of battle, bating the forces of mankind from the cockpits of their decaden-tech mechs and ion-drive-dreadnoughts, a battle the nations of the world are happy to join lest the foundations of their power be shaken by the Anarchists from Space!


United by a madman, twenty four of earths most ruthless gangster criminals team up To steal the Sty-le of ultimate control made long ago by ancient priests to help man fight the time titans who wish to speed up entropy and doom. Against all odds, they succeed! But the thieves bargain and backstab. No one trusts the other. The sacred Style is smashed and divided into twenty four pieces. Each of the gang is imbued with a distinctive extra-real ability which they use to do crimes worldwide. But each power reaches overwhelming unbeatable force for only one specific hour a day! Now the power to battle the Eons lies with twenty four criminals who care only for themselves. If they ever get together the Hour Gang will be unstoppable,but if they do not, doom calls for all of earth! Only their leader Mister Midnight imprisoned in a mirrored cell can unite them.


"I will be the greatest Fost Mask, I WILL!"

Using only his natural criminal ability and his distinctive hive of trained green bees Green Bee seeks to prove himself the greatest criminal of all time by stealing Frost Masks mask! He has never come close yet, but as his wounded pride burns ever hotter, his schemes grow ever more daring and complex. Perhaps this time?


The mad golemist that made Army Man had only a certain supply of strange green clay. Army Man used his problem-solving thinking skills to solve the problem that he was. He joined up with the heroes and fought his bad maker. The mad man secretly escaped and went into a secret cave only he knew about. He used the clay of a magic underground river to make the Tan Army. Fearless and strong. The toughest army on earth to beat. The Tan Army are perhaps the greatest military force yet assembled. Made to fight and be the strongest and best but without the rebel thoughts of Army Man. Who will they fight and where will they strike? No-one on earth knows....


In the barrios and music halls. In the classrooms and social service offices. In the police cars and telephone booths. Hidden in the mirrors of the shop front windows. Through secret doors in the corners of rooms. Only children can see the Eld King who steals their souls and builds an invisible empire in the gaps of the adult world. To battle him, Monster Princess must use the Kinderagulator Ray to transform the Best Heroes into child versions of themselves!


The Yellow Sign can be anywhere and you would not know. They are a secret conspiracy of mad cultists but they know how to act just like normal people. Some are doctors that pretend to cure the insane. But really they drive mad people more insane and give them the ability to seem normal. Underneath they are now part of the Yellow Sign. Mad people living in the real world. From decaying tenements and the corners of old bookshops, the League of the Yellow Sign seeks to infiltrate all governments. They will overturn the whole world and restore the lost monarchy of Carcosa, the line of Hastur from the shores of the lake of Hali where the black stars rise.


The mask lies waiting, ready to imbue its wearer with incredible power yet also with a terrible madness. The archon of some higher reality lost and locked within a mask. An exile poisoned by loneliness and hate whose spirit moves across dark waters. Anyone who wears the mask will gain the powers of creation itself with the power to make great heroes and villains with every touch or breath.
Every word the mad god speaks births original and independent life from raw cosmic nothingness. Even their unspoken thoughts are halos like dark oceans of black fire. Crazed and evil the Mad God makes only evil and destructive beings. Its screams are monsters, furies. Its words are villains, they are now as real as you and me. Yet, once the god was good. Its gentle words were peaceful animals that heal. Its joyful laughter birthed heroes of burning gold strong enough to challenge any evil thing it made. Should it sleep and speak within its dream the words make silver prophets. But who can make the made god laugh?


The sister of Frost Mask was an underground explorer. She wanted to be the best ever. She went too deep fell into a Dero cave. The perverted underground monsters drove her mad with terrible tortures and secret machines. She did not give up. She stole an influencing machine and escaped. Now she lairs in a decaying observatory somewhere in the Hindu Kush. There she places her influencing machine, able to detect any thought on earth and focus its influencing powers upon it. She has set it to detect thoughts of herself. Anywhere in the world, whenever anyone thinks of Ennui, the mighty silver alien device twists in its cradle of bronze and focuses its mind-altering powers. The ray of the incredible machine decays any thought it is directed at. For as long as it has power, no-one on earth can even think of Ennui. But the tortures of the Dero and the radiating waves of her machine have made Ennui strange and mad. As ruthless and dedicated as her sister. Perhaps more intelligent, but with even less sympathy for normal human people. She intends to re-invade the centre of the earth and lay claim to the empire of alien devices there, freeing mankind from their hideous grip, but placing humanity under her own control. Surrounded by her palatial expanse of junk and frantic ruin, she plots how best to continue her invisible war. Only the Selenium Princess, watching from her city on the moon, dares to try and penetrate the nightmare visions of Ennui.

1. Yanked this one from Golden Age comics.
2. and this one from Goethe.
3. and this one from Robert Chambers.

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