Monday, 10 November 2014

Five Curseling Riddles

 Curselings love a riddle, they can never leave on unanswered and they love to make their own. So, if you find yourself tricked from your path or lost amidst piles of dusty and forgotten gold, and you know you are surrounded by the clicking softly stepping limbs of black-bottle-glass-flesh and hear the whispering voices, try a riddle, you might live longer.

As you can see the Curseling themselves are not bad at all, though their choice of subject is a little.. limited.

"I need not speak my warning
or meet your eyes with mine
to tell my tale.
Once I was like you
until a sudden message met my throat.
I have seen the end
but cannot feel my feet."

A Severed Head

"I will wait
for those who left me here
where the path divides
between heaven and earth.
I went up, but
I won't come down again.
the Crow knows me."

A Hanged Man

"My makers hate me
I am a neat small size
and take less work to make.
They give me what they loved,
I keep it safe.
They visit all the time,
but hate coming.
I make them cry."

A Childs Grave

"I have many friends,
they take me to the best places.
I love food and drink
the stronger the better.
I like clothes too sometimes,
tight is good for me,
if you want a bit of violence
I won't object to cuts,
but no bruises please
I rarely have the time."


"I have a bad reputation
yet, I have freed slaves,
helped battered wives escape,
sometimes, I admit
I'll get a killer out of jail
but, I have been known
to help the mad and sick.
Kings too
more than a few I have released from jams.
I will never discriminate
and the darker things seem
the closer I will be."



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  2. Even just on a format/layout level, this is brilliant.