Saturday, 26 April 2014

Who Made This?

Or, perhaps a better question, how was it made?

Ancient Treeman Front





This magnificent individual on Warseer has tried to compile a list of the sculptors for GW. I regard this as an excellent thing as I believe every sculpt should come with a list of everyone whose hands touched it. As well as, for my personal use and interest, an exact breakdown of the design process with minutes of all the meetings and an exacting description of the indistrrial processes used in its construction.

From the Warseer list I can see that that Dryads, which seem to prefigure many fo the design elements, were done by Aly Morrison and Brian Nelson.

I have never seen anything quite like it, especially, I have never seen plastics forced to do the things they do here. Have any of my readers?

Also, where do you begin learning about plastic injection technology?


  1. I concur, but don't know either.
    as far as plastic injection, start on youtube. I guess I am slow, but I only recently realized that the sprues are not their to hold the pieces, they are the lava flow TO the pieces. I guess the timing of the temperature and the centrifugal force are the two main factors.
    think we will ever hear about the guys in charge of that?

    1. "think we will ever hear about the guys in charge of that?"

      It's not impossible, internet being what it is.

  2. My husband says he learned about it in the industrial engineering course he took in college. [u of Illinois] The main thing that has stalled him on the subject is that the price of the machines is in the hundred thousand dollar range. For both injection and 3-d modeling you must learn to do 3-d modeling or find a way to scan a green. So you could start with that.

  3. Looks like some heat gun or hot salt work on the plastic for the models, especially on the antlers.
    Here's a youtube video from Bandai on how they do models: