Sunday, 20 April 2014

More glyphs of the Knotsmen

(Your personality has been revoked/
you are no longer assumed to have continuity of thought.)

"Request Agreement/
(Your ideas are surrounded,

(An attempt to deny is an admision of guilt.)

(We prevail/
The debt/
Balancing by force/
give me the fucking money.)

(Iredeemable contract/
unrecoverable debt/
they died without dependants/
the surface world)


 (A sword you own that has cut you before/
a military command)

(Collateral damage/
civilian casualties.)

"possibly not"
(The spell before it is cast/
the unspoken line/
the knowledge that you are in the moment just before you incur a debt.)


  1. This didn't get a lot of recognition, but the knotsmen glyphs are my favorite post of yours.


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