Sunday, 13 April 2014


So about five days ago I decided to try writing the worlds first story in duelling second person perspective. Spent ages on it, kind of fucked up the trick but its not bad (probably, I think.)

Plus, the interesting parts of Veins are pretty much done in blogable format. Plenty of working out and stuff but nothing I could put up here.

So this leaves me with an issue. Not sure what to blog. There's always 'whatever you're thinking' posts but I don't really have a project of stuff  I can put up here at the moment.

Multiple projects awaiting decisions or 'layout'.

And apparently I have entered one of those semi-dead zones where I have no mind of my own but all the parts are working.

I kind of need to make something that will make some money. Fiction? (RPG,s will never make any money.)

So I'm open to idea's.

What would you like to see?


  1. I had a blog and just this week I've gone back and done a few posts with the intention of regular posting again. During its main run, I went through a phase of wanting to attract as many readers as possible, and thus trying to anticipate what the audience would want. This may sound silly, but I was getting quite stressed and worried about posting.
    Then I thought "Fuck 'em". It's my blog, and I can blog whatever I like. If other people like what I write, that's nice, but not that important. If they don't like what I write, that's unfortunate, but not that important. What is important is that I like what I write.
    After that, my blog posts flowed more freely for the year that the blog continued. I liked my blog. And incidentally, a few other readers liked what I wrote, which was nice.
    Finally, I stopped, mainly due to real life commitments. And although I am kind of sad that it stopped, I'm not annoyed with myself. And just in the last week I've gone back to it, now that I feel I have the time to contribute to it.
    Just my experience.

  2. If you think fiction is going to make money go cheer yourself up by finding out how many of your favourite authors still have day jobs.

    After that you have two choices, the same old boring choices every writer's manual ever written has told us: Do what you love and do it well, trust the money will come, or do what you hate and know there's a wage at the end of the month.

    As for deadzones, I find it helps to do or make something outrageously out of your comfort zone for a while. Usually sorts things out. So, whichever poll answer that is. I went with "I am your girlfriend Rosie" but I think the logistical issues might be a nightmare.

  3. You could do a book of short stories set in your underworld.

  4. Make a book of your underworld stuff (the RP stuff, race descriptions, tables, etc.)!

  5. Please make some WH40k monsters. Like Pariahs of Creation... IN SPACE! Something to set loose on the players in Dark Heresy. Or Deathwatch, but mostly Dark Heresy.

  6. Read Joseph Campbell's _Hero With a Thousand Faces_ if you haven't, then write a brief mythic cycle for one of your versions of the underdark races. Or better yet just write some excerpts from the mythic cycles of all the underdark races...

    I guess when they cross thresholds, they might go out of the earth since they're already in it. Interesting.

    If the above doesn't intrigue you, doodle a map. Just doodle out some caverns or a childish-looking-carets-for-mountains, dashes-for-roads, circles-for-cities, and squiggles-for-rivers overland map. Just freeform, stream of consciousness draw something, and let that map tell you a story. Write that story down.

  7. Interview someone. Interviews are always interesting.

    1. Unless the person is boring.

    2. noisms, I've just had an idea for the next podcast...

  8. • interview me
    • write something about playwright Antonin Artaud
    • Write about some kind of terrible fascist demiurge figure
    • write about Dungeon World, or something

  9. you should write that rabbit fortress pendragon rpg, but only with 2 hours to do so. This , I guess, counts as go fuck yourself, but in a nice way??

  10. • write about a fantasy land of the dead through the medium of a theophysics-thermotheology textbook on the land of the dead.
    • write about some terrible Gnostic-fascist demiurge figure
    • write about the metaphors of slime, a slime-ontology
    • write about Underdark Radiation, radiation from or of the Underdark

    1. • pick 2 of those 7-8 things and mix them together somehow.