Thursday, 20 September 2012

Teens don't know what Evil means

What have I done? Teens have about as much native goodness as moonlight on am moths wing.

Tee2 was on fire tonight.

Teen2 - 'what good has ever come of random encounters?'

On hearing news of the survival of an old foe.

Teen2 - 'that's how evil I am, I'm spreading rumours that she's a slut'

Teen2 - 'I heard rumours of some guy with a metal vase that heals him, and since we killed that guy and took his vase, maybe this is it.'

On dragging a wounded horse into a forest to trade a valuable forest spirit favour for horse-healing.

DM - 'Two evil characters care that much about their horse?

Teen1 - It's an evil horse.'

Teen3 - 'I don't want to kill people for any really evil reasons. I don't mind killing people because sometimes they irritate me.'


  1. I love these guys, and so does my wife. Their story deserves to be told.

    1. Teen1 and Teen2 went for noodles, when they came back the first thing Teen1 said was:

      "Wiggles! Which of us is sexier?"

      (Wiggles is both the nickname of teen3 and his characters name.)

      Teen3 looks down at his feet for a second, turns red and reluctantly shouts out ".... You are!"

      Teen1 - "Yesssss, told you."

      Teen2 - "It's a guys opinion, it doesn't count!"

      They had been arguing over whether Teen1 had edged out Teen2 in the queue for Noodles 'because I'm sexier' or for some other reason.

    2. Oh dear Venn, what am I getting myself into this Thursday...

  2. So happy that I can join you next Thursday and witness the evil firsthand!