Thursday, 13 September 2012

Trigger Warning for Stupidity

The Sub-Title was going to be-

'A Pig Can Chew Through a Dragons Neck'

If it's a polymorphed PC with a potion of Dragon Control.

Teen1 - "I thought he was a Bad Guy, just not an end-the-world-bad kind of guy."

GM - "You've been talking to him through a possessed goats skull."

Teen1 - "Yeah but from the skull he seemed alright."

He wasn't alright, he was a mass-murdering Lich who, its been strongly suggested, (realtriggerwarningthistime) did bad stuff with kids.

Teen1 - "Did you really expect up to win? How high level is he?"

DM - 'looks at sheet' "Well.. With you two, and the mind controlled dragon.. It's within the bounds of possibility."

Teen1 - "If we team up with him will we really have to end the world?"

GM - "Eventually I suppose. He'll probably try to take over the island first though."

So now Passirisk the Night Serpent has a new body and his freedom. Boyd Of The Rope has a new magic sword. Jonathan Spring has a new name 'Jonathan The Grey' "because we're going to be proper evil". Wiggles (Of WIGGLETON, the Dwarven City!) has a surprise when he comes back from his holiday and finds his friends are now Officially Evil, and the GM has to come up with one of those multiple-column mission generators with only evil verbs.

They also killed a Isle of the Unknown wizard, on the behalf of a giant stag man and received Vornheim-fortunes.

DM - "One you seek will be found in a closet."

Teen2 - "Yes! I'm going to look in every closet I find from now on!...  (30 second pause) .. WAIT!.... What does she mean by 'in a closet?'"

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  1. Was their turn to the dark side inevitable? What levels are they on now?