Thursday, 27 September 2012

Like A Beckett Play

Too much stuff to remember. More Teen crazy, non-teen rapidly corrupted by Teen ways, group near death, sues for peace, only adult re-starts fight out of spite and madness.

PC cursed with gibberish, enjoys himself talking about flowers, trees, uses word 'wiggles' to describe everything he sees for five or ten minutes.

Teen2 refuses to help other teens fight monster, aimlessly smashes jars in empty room looking for treasure instead.

Teen1 loses a character for only second time. LOTFP means no resurrection but character does work for Liche who has boasted of defeating death. Threats to sexually assault NPC and DM anger re threats practically guarantees PC will return in female form as cheap lesson about patriarchy.

Non-teen succumbs to extended argument about knowledge of Star Wars side-fiction, discussion of whether 'Vader kicked a Wookie' in a licensed property. Discussion spirals once again into argument of the nature of evil by people who are simultaneously robbing, abducting, murdering, threatening and relentlessly doublecrossing each other. (Except for Teen3)

"I have a bounty on my head. And you Johnathan of the Grey, are you also Wanted, do you have a bounty on your head?

oh wait yes, yes I do, I forgot I changed my name." 

They nearly died due to stupidity, failed in their mission for Passirisk and all walked (or were dragged) out with a giant pile of loot. I must try harder to kill them.


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  2. Am going to blog about this later: I was the non-Teen, and I had fun playing last night but it was difficult too. I think part of the reason why, on occasion, I found myself "joining in" with the Teens' activities and behaviours was just so that I could be heard.

    One thing Patrick never mentions in these posts is how loud it gets around the table. Every single decision is shout-argued about. My instinctive decision to re-start the fight that lead to Teen1 (my nephew) having his character dropped to -5HP was not out of spite but purely because I was playing two characters and one of them had just seen her comrade-in-arms pinned to the floor (-1HP). It was the natural thing to do! Honest!

    And it all worked out well: on Tuesday night with my same PCs I earned about 110XP. Last night? 4777XP! Two levels for the Fighter, and one for the Specialist. Both comfortably at Level 3 now.