Friday, 22 June 2012

Zero Point

The is an 'In a Wicked Age' Oracle we did for our Byzantium/Dying Culture Ooort Cloud space station Zero Point.

Made by Noisms, a Displaced Yorkshireman and Dice & Decisions. (and myself). I'll let you guess which is which.


Ace - A recently awakened clone searches out the reason for his prior's death.

Two - An artist looks for truth and meaning in their art. A non-human intelligence decides to steal his work.

Three - A usually peaceable Velociraptor clan stalks through parkland looking for prey.

Four - The League of Docking Bay Families refuses passage to any and all who would attempt ingress.

Five - Uplifted spider-monkey clans worship a pantheon of Echelon-II emulates.

Six - A starscraper lies empty, save for the man who tries to maintain it.

Seven - Cometary fragments are noticed by an amateur starwatcher, as well as the Lords of the Cloud.

Eight - A sentinel from Zero Point's reserve armoury wanders market spaces looking for signs of trouble.

Nine - A wannabe mech pilot scavenges parts to fix an old battle engine.

Ten - A HMBT stasis-pod drifts in to Zero Point's gravity well; the occupants awake.

Jack - The Engineers Guild prepares an initiation and a geneered woman flees persecution.

Queen - News of a predator stalking the Undercyst reaches a princeling looking for a challenge.

King - A militant hegemony virus propagates through the transient populations.


Ace - An uplifted primate is accused of murder.

Two - At the centre of the station a vast sea curves upwards towards an impossible horizon.

Three - A renegade librarian guards a vast archive in the station's lower reaches with dangerous traps.

Four - A gardener tends megafauna in enclosed biomes under the light from an artificial sun.

Five - After civilisation collapses, an AI takes the form of an ancestor spirit to relate to the survivors.

Six - A mysterious barman takes confessions from his clientele. Afterwards they find that their problems are solved in unlikely ways.

Seven - A grief-stricken soul dreams of a new life as a ship's captain.

Eight - Guerilla ontologists warp reality to their will by reworking the laws of physics and logic (Space wizards!).

Nine - A slum lord depressurizes a section of the station because his tenants can't pay the rent.

Ten - The Jungian unconsciousness invades the station's internet.

Jack - A humble dock worker is haunted by dreams of darkness and war.

Queen - Fractious love affair between an AI and a human

King - Nanites begin to build a vast citadel within the station but no construction order has been given.


Ace – An insane Robot tends an ancient mosaic, endlessly renewed.

Two – A chitinous, black mercenary arachnid alien, terrifying yet honourable guard for the elite.

Three – A brave rogue, dared by friends to attempt the circumnavigation of the station.

Four – A Doctor searching for the cure to an impossible human ailment in corroded Alien torture manuals.

Five – The discoverer of an open airlock, inside, a forgotten telescope, frozen in place, pointing at the pale blue dot of earth.

Six – A tribe of intelligent cancers, banished and ruling a peaceful realm in the recycling pipes.

Seven – An epochs-old, damaged war mech, One functioning weapons pod and cracked lenses, guarding the last repository of original art.

Eight – A cryogenic sleeper, soul-struck and melancholic refugee from a bright and optimistic age, awakening today.

Nine – A silver beast with ruby eyes that hunts only man and has forgotten how to die. The man that hunts it.

Ten – The foundation stone. A beam of Iron drawn from the heart of the Sun. The druid that serves it.

Jack – The recycled Death Scream of a world. The cult that worships it.

Queen – A trio of crippled friends, none human, all without fear and destined for adventure.

King – The intelligent computer virus, designed to kill Zero Point. Transformed by aeons, dedicated to saving it.


Ace – An inquisitor for a forgotten inquisition tortures those he suspects of hiding secrets.

Two – A scroll-bearer for a librarians’ cult makes a discovery. 
Three – Three sisters, one blind, one deaf, one mute, all holy.

Four – A criminal punished with sentient stasis.

Five – An AI dreams that it is the god which created all the other gods.

Six – A serial killer seeks 24 corpses, one for each of Shostakovich’s Preludes and Fugues.

Seven – A mad architect will destroy his rival.

Eight – There are ghosts in space that worship Satan.

Nine – The daughter of a priest rebels against all he stands for.

Ten – A maker of clockwork animals and people believes he can use them for more than play.

Jack – Monks plot revenge on those they envy.

Queen – A proud queen of whores.

King – Four old men plotting abduction.

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