Wednesday, 27 June 2012

'They called me the Riddlemaster'

'The mysterious farmer wants you to help find his lost wife and daughter.'

'We say Yes!'

'The last he saw of them they were going to visit a strange statue to the west. You can ask it a question once a week and it will give a true answer. If you ask any further questions, it will give you a riddle. Succeed and you can recieve another true answer.'

They reach the statue...

'O.K, what do you ask?'

'What does this evil magical flower that we stole from a safe and that's being hunted by everyone on the island do?' 

'The one being hunted by all the flower-based monsters, including the Death Saint..

and the the Orchidmen...

 that just melted the face off Klaus Von Scorn' (Hero of Scrodd, weilder of e demon summoning blade with a 35% failure rate, 2nd level fighter and first PC fatality) and the Lord of the Island and his deadly War Chimps?'


'You're not going to ask about the wife and daughter?'

'No, we'll save that for later, tell us about the flower.'

'It's roots grow in the afterlife, it can be used to break the barriers between life and unlife. It can destroy the boundray between the two realms.'

'Ahhh we could have used it to bring Klaus back to life.'

'O.K I'm going to wrap it up here, see you here next week.'

'Are you going to print out a load of riddles?'


Then later, on the way home a player said this.

'I used to run a page with a new riddle every day. It got so popular that I became 2nd in command in the clan. I only stopped playing becasue our enemies were Turkish and they were allowed to play the game in work, so it was impossible to get the drop on them.'

'So you were kind of like the Riddlemaster?'

'Yeah, that was my online name actually, the Riddlemaster.'

Now I have to out-riddle the Riddlemaster. I have a week to prepare. He's 18. Has infinite free time and possibly very mild Aspergers. I'm fucked.

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