Friday, 8 June 2012

No Mind Of My Own

But only a heap of influences, burning with a low, blue flame.


(I wish. None of my players are girls, or likely to play one.)


Vampire. Heads.

(Fancy name for Specialist, which is a fancy name for thief.) 

Magic User

And now the wierd re-skins.



Sea Blood


  1. It is a shame I am only starting on Bradbury after he died, though I suppose it is better than not reading him at all.

    I am curious about Lamentation of the Flame Princess, though. How is it? I want to run something a little more DIY-friendly and less, I don't know, codified than Fourth Edition, but I don't want to scare off my players, either.

  2. LOTFP is very definitely DIY friendly and less codified. I have a poor memory for rules and even I can recall almost everything I need to know with minimal lookups.

    If players are coming straight from Fourth and expecting anything like the same experience then they will freak the fuck out.

    I think the best option would be to describe it as an entirely different game. Every time I introduce a new player I tell them outright that the game is both unbalanced and unfair and that if they die fast its probably not their fault. Then they roll up characters and start playing very quickly.

    The syllables rule for equipment (its in the sidebar, I cant link in comments) lets people get started very quickly and start doing things, which is good, they build character through action rather than long long character optimisation sessions.

    I still have players asking for perception rolls and stuff like that. I denied them a bit and then a player ended up investigating a dark room by throwing a burning lantern through the door and seeing shadow of a gigantic Moth. He then stole another players pet dog and threw it in, lured the moth and shot it with a crossbow.

    So it seems to be working out quite well.

  3. I would say it is. I've had only minor contact with D&D over the years, LotFP is the first time I've played something like it properly and it just works.

    Patrick has a great mechanic as well to bring an element of chance for magic-users/clerics if they want to try and appeal to the elements/deities for more magic/blessings and that really adds depth to the classes in my mind.

    (not sure if you've posted about it on here Patrick?)