Sunday, 20 November 2011

They find you in a Bad Situation

If a character calls their friend for help, should they always know how the help will come? In some ways NPC connections are a bit like resources, they can be invested in, expended and renewed.

But NPC's are also people and relations with people should be fluid and unpredictable. I made this table to try and keep friendly NPC's 'alive'. And also to balance out the equivalent table for enemy responses in Cyberpunk character generation.

You can roll on this when you develop an NPC relationship, or more interestingly, whenever you call on one an NPC friend for help. I tried to make them vague enough to be widely-applicable but also 'crunchy' enough to be useful. Not sure if I pulled it off.

If they find you in a bad situation, they will

1. Develop a counter-strategy with lightning speed. Add to your rolls if you follow their advice.
2. Find leverage on your chief opponent. (Or minor opponent if this is unrealistic.)
3. Match the badness, edge for edge.
4. Call down the thunder, if there is no thunder, call down the rain.
5. Bribe a muthafucka.
6. Pretend to be the enemy and mess with their shit.
7. Cross an unexpected class or cultural boundary to get help.
8. Immediately find the best escape route and tell you about it.
9. open fucking fire, right fucking now.
10. If noble, do something dark to help you. If dark, do something noble. If neither, do something extreme.

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