Friday, 11 November 2011

Cyberpunk 2013

I am reading the first edition of this game. 

Writing about this as I read it.

And Drinking

Use of the words tough and grim in the same sentence in the second paragraph, yes.

'Heroes of a bad situation' YES. Tagline to a film I want to watch.

I have to play a character with a 'cynical-yet-idealistic-style'. That's how I LIVE man.

'Use your best "I'm bad and you aren't" smile.' Haaaahhhhggnn. Yes. Always.

Rule three is 'Live on the Edge'. And that's only because the first two rules were MORE AWESOME.

Also, brief sanity check. How can it be a rule to live on the edge? Enforcement? Will Kanye and Lemmy arrest you? (Note so self, idea for a new tv show. Edge Cops. Lemmy and Kanye team up, fight crime, boredom. e.t.c.

(Further note to self, remember to close brackets after use

Oh my fucking christ there's a class where the description goes 'if you live to rock, this is where you belong' HOW DID ANYONE GET TO THE OTHER CLASSES??! Who reads an RPG and thinks 'well, I do like to rock. But I will read the other classes just to be sure they do not rock more' Nerds. Nerds do. Question asked, question answered.

In the cyber future, IBM, Sony and Apple are mentioned. But no Microsoft.

In cyber slang 'Input' is girlfriend and 'Output' is boyfriend. Someone could write a thesis on that. Not a good thesis.

One class is essentially Frank Butcher, or Lou from Neigbours. The special skill is 'Streetdeal'. Another class is being homeless. In the dark future of the 1980's even being homeless is kind of awesome.

More later

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