Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Song of the Ash-Sea Pirates

Many say the Great Ash Sea which spreads westwards from the furthest shore is impassable and empty, barren as a frozen heart, yet consider this song sung by the Pirates of that Sea, raiders of Blackwaters coast who ply the endless ash-ocean in sledge-ships with tattered sails, memoryless and waste-mad;

Its farewell to night and farewell to day,
Goodbye to Blackwater, into the Grey!
Its over the edge and into the ash,
Where the ghost-gulls wheel and the wyrm-winds lash.
Out beyond Sintel and Scaedwealds black storm,
Where the wind steals the memory and monsters are born,
It's there we'll go roving, long for to search,
For the rocks and the ruins where the ash-birds perch.
Aye its there we'll go searching, long for to rove,
'Neath burning black coal-trees in petrified groves,
Through Courts of Pale Princes who live without flesh,
It's there we'll go seeking to search for old Esh.
The old land is calling, the old land is there,
Where the sky becomes stone and the ash becomes air.
Yes the old land is looking, the old land is ours,
She holds still the memories of mankinds lost hours.
For this be our treasure, these be the gold,
The truth and the wisdom that man had of old.
So its farewell to night and farewell to day,
Goodbye to Blackwater, into the Grey!"


Have I done any other songs on here I've forgotten about?

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  1. How's this one go musically?

    You should sing it

    Sing it for the parasocialites