Thursday, 12 July 2018

I Interview Ben L of Mazirians Garden

I found this one really interesting.

The game with Sebastian - the Dreamlands and I story D&D, Escapism and our Hobby Ben on the City Bens Old School Manifesto Playing Online

Some of Bens after-interview comments from the original Hangouts thread;

Hey, I realized after the interview was over that you were asking me for recommendations for current OSR artists that maybe people didn't know. I talked about Tumblr instead.

Here's some stuff I'm currently digging:
Definitely Dirk Detweiler Leichty whom you mentioned, he's just amazing.

Also Jonathan Newell's illustrations of his mad city are very cool.

Thomas Novasel was also doing neat city stuff not too long ago, in the kind of John Blanche mode. A lot of crazy towers.

Evlyn M is well known but does wonderful things utterly in her own style.

Probably the one person who people don't know, because he's not on G+ and may or may not speak English, is Huargo whom you can find on Facebook under "Huargo Illustrador". He did absolutely amazing illustrations for the Japanese version of Tunnels & Trolls.

These are all Huargo


I like Hot Springs Island, Rey & Kiel are good people, I listen to Jason Hobb's podcast and Fear of a Black Dragon. If you read or played or listened to anything on here and you liked it then vote for it.


  1. I love those pictures by Huargo. They look very much like early John Blanche illustrations.

  2. These interviews are excellent.

    But I was wondering if you had made a post on your blog about your writing habits or methods. Hours? 1 or 4 per day. Environment? Library or Cafe. Software? Typewriter? Moleskin?

    Having produced such well received work, substantial work, you must have come out the other end of that writing grind, mill (horror).

    As Stephen King has shared some tips I was hoping you might be willing to guide incompetents?