Thursday, 13 August 2015


An interview with Scrap and I by a Frog in which I claim to have eaten Micheal Fassbender's kidney.

I have not watched it because I do not like looking at myself.

An interview with my by Courtney Campbell from the blog 'Hack and Slash'.


  1. You also make the claim that you and Scrap are _not_ with the "In"-crowd. I have to say that made me a bit perplexed. I thought you guys are as In as In can be. Or is out the new In?

    1. I do not recall that. I will state in my defence that it is very hard to know if you are in the middle of a clique.

      It would be true to say that I do not 'feel' like part of the in-crowd. I don not know where I am on the insane ever-shifting social hierarchies of the internet.

  2. Neither do I, but I just assumed that the ones who make the coolest stuff are automatically the "In" crowd.