Thursday, 1 January 2015



You tried to finish me Year, but I have mastered you and now, with your death, know this: I will eat your child. I will eat 2015 and you WILL NOT STOP ME. NOW DIE!

You tried to stop me finishing my ONE HUNDRED MONSTERS, but this very night know that you have failed. In publishing nothing is ever actually  finished. There are only endless problems that feed upon each other and must be fought and crushed in an unending cycle of sisyphean horror. But lo the most recent problem has been truly crushed and our mighty work still lives! You shall not take this child from me 2015! It shall be born and stand by my side as I conquer.

And behold, it is my (our) most gigantic Thing yet. Estimated 93,000 words.

You tried to make my blog sporadic and a bit rubbish 2014, aye you had some success in this. Your scheme of giving my regular employment was a device worthy of the Great Deceiver. But now my latest work nears its end, I shall rise to post again!

It is true you have taken from me my Great Work, the tome called Veins Of The Earth, and cast it upon the tides of the Warp, but I shall re-discover it in time.

The Deep Carbon Observatory and the False Machine book (which someone at my sisters wedding read, which was odd), were thrust forth into this Dark Millennium and they shall battle by my side.

I remember well how your predecessor, 2013 took from me the Medusa's Maze which must, on some strange benighted world, still live. One day perhaps we shall meet again.

5th edition was brought forth into your horrors 2014, and also 5th gate happened and god a lot of shit went down in quick succession in the middle of the year really, but once your dark forces were opposed. Also Zak failed to kill Fiddlin' Joe on the VornWelt, by the random table he fell and by the random table Rose Again.

That SAVAGES thing might still happen.

Will I ever get round to writing Lanthanum Chromate. POSSIBLY I WILL.

Also Zak brought forth R&PL, possibly the greatest Bunnies and Burrows supplement ever written

 (WTF can't the Pale house turn into animals? You nearly had the whole set man, you nearly had the whole set.)


  1. "It is true you have taken from me my Great Work, the tome called Veins Of The Earth, and cast it upon the tides of the Warp, but I shall re-discover it in time."

    Battle the warp, good sir! Cleave from it all you can, and cast not upon it the sweat of your brow. For it shall eat your effort bottomlessly. Thus, gird yourself as a mummy, before you gird yourself as a man. When at the day's end you sit back on a drift of moon-rock, emerge from your shell of armor and unwrap your bindings. Drink from them your effort. For you shall be as the warp and not as the warp, eating your efforts yet not casting them into a void, but into yourself.

  2. This is incredible. I shall think of new year as this, from now until the burning Sun is swallowed by insatiable night and the universe dissolves into the Beyond.