Saturday, 24 January 2015

More Curseling Riddles

Man just never riddle with Curselings.

You make me
but cannot escape me
I have no boundary
Time and Space obey me
But I die before dawn.

A Nightmare

Once I destroyed all
I and my white brothers
Two armies ranked, we fought for life
Nothing survived us.
Then, I met a foe to hard or sharp or sweet.
Now I torture you until you cast me out.

A Broken Tooth

I will take everyhing one day.
But no day.
Till then I wait behind closed eyes.

Darkness / Night

I want one thing: for you to live.
But don't listen
Or I'll eat your life whole.


You don't like me clothing you
But you will wear me in the end
And become me after that.
We will catch sunbeams
And sleep in the stillness.


I am never really with you.
You might think you have found me,
But the closer you attend
The more distant I seem.
I flee between the stars.


Don't worry, I always pass cleanly
Though I seem dirty.
I want to be with you!
Not this still one.
(I have to keep moving)
I have already forgotten how it all went down.
(I have no memory)
Though others might not have.

Gold from dead hands

This is the greatest partnership!
I cost you nothing
I always listen
I never complain
You can make me with a knife
And fuck me all night.

A Dead Wife! (Curselings always laugh after this one.)

The wild beasts know me still.
The poor never forgot.
You made a golden wall to keep me out.
And built a golden store in case I came.
I was inside the wall.
I was beneath the store.
When feasts are done I feast on you.


It wasn't us!
One gave us our command.
Our ten servants did the deed.
Of two, now one remains.
How then can we be guilty of the crime?

A murderers hands.


  1. 1. Dreams
    2. Teeth
    5. Dust
    6. The future?
    9. Hunger?

  2. There is white text under the riddles guys

  3. I really like #5. But then, I like all of them.

  4. Damn it the answer is love for all of them again! What kind of riddle shop is this?!